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Steven W Rodgers has written five produced full-length musicals over the past 20 years, including a professional Equity showcase production in New York City. He has worked with Broadway star Ashley Park (Mean Girls, Momma Mia), film and Broadway singer Julia Nightingale, and actor/singer Michael Shiflett (Netflix's House of Cards, Stephen Spielberg's Lincoln). He has also been commissioned to write music for dozens of organizations, including American Musical Stage and Encore Performers.
He has written the music and lyrics to over 300  songs, as well as arrangements for violin, viola, cello, contrabass, bass guitar, oboe, flute, alto flute, saxophone, french horn, clarinet, and trumpet. He also writes lead sheets for singers, guitarists and pianists with melody, key signature, time signature, dynamics, chords and lyrics.
He can write music to your lyrics, lyrics to your music, he can score your music, put finishing polish on your existing songs or provide a critique of your work. Contact him for details and pricing.
Please see below for samples:
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