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Starring Broadway's
Ashley Park
(Mean Girls, Momma Mia)  
on the original cast album!

Broadway star Ashley Park as Cinderella in the original cast album by composer Steven W Rodgers
Anna Maria Shockey as Cinderella in the 2017 Washington DC production
pumpkin photo.jpg
The stepsisters, Cinderella and Cinderella's father in Rodgers and Chritopher's Cinderella

Other musicals by Steven W Rodgers

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The CD cover for Revolutionary Gentleman: The Rock Opera by Steven W Rodgers
Zolushka medley 2022
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Zolushka: The Russian Cinderella

Music by Steven W Rodgers
Book by Antonina Rodgers
translated and adapted from the play "Zoluhska" by Yevgeny Shavarts 
Lyrics by Wendy Christopher
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